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eDigiTech is known for its best digital marketing solutions in world. We transform business and careers with our digital marketing strategies. With unique techniques and tools, we help the business to grow exponentially. We are here to boost your overall performance with our marketing services

PPC- FB, Insta, Twitter & Linkedin

Connect with hundreds & thousands of users on Social Media Platform instantly to drive 3x more sales & conversions with Pay Per Click PPC Paid Campaign.It is the best means for you to seamlessly connect with global audiences at scale officially on a platform where they are most active.You can send Text, Images, Audio , Video, PDF globally using this service. You can campaign via posts schedule, auto reply and set chatbot. Hurry and Get this Service for Drive Sales, Support & Marketing Conversations on the World’s most popular social media platforms. For more details Click here - PPC Social Media Marketing

Bulk SMS Marketing

Send messages globally with the Platform or Http's API. Your customers can get OTP, stock sms alerts, account balance, transaction sms, offers and much more in a simple text message. With our cutting edge technology, you can send 10,000+ messages in under a second. Our simple platform helps you to Send Promotional, Marketing, OTP, BULK SMS GATEWAY, Voice OTP API & API SMS. You can send Election Bulk SMS, Transactional SMS, Promotional SMS, OTP SMS, Miss Call Alert, International Bulk SMS.

Social Media Handling, Marketing & Management

Consumers like the brands that connect with them on the daily basis, that comes back to them even after the end of purchasing. Every brand needs a strategy . We that turns the consumer’s heads towards it. We thoroughly research the target audiences for their behavior, preferences. It helps us discover new insights of the target audience to form effective social media plans. Social engagement Instagram filters, Facebook apps. Facebook & Intagram Paid Ad Management and Handling is also offered by us. We do Social engagement, Polls, contest & surveys, Social analytics, Data minings, Viral video strategy, Influencer Contacts, Making it viral on Facebook & Instagram Apps. We also manage Social Media Presence, Postings, Replies , Engagement on customer behalf establishing a connect with existing and new audience. For more details Click here - Social Media Handling Services

Bulk Voice Call Marketing

Voice blast pre-recorded voice message to a few or few thousand instantly. Send alerts, promotions, and more to customers, employees, voters, etc. through our automated voice calling. Send an automated SMS along with a voice message to provide more information. Avail of our voice broadcasting services and send voice-based OTPs to your customers and have the freedom of integrating it with your choice of 3rd party CRMs and ERPs. Automated voice broadcasting helps you to simplify feedback collection, surveys, and polls with a single-level IVR system for short replies. Or enable users to record an audio response to your campaign. Use automated SMS for detailed feedback based on the IVR reply. Retry the call and trigger SMS if customers don’t respond. Include short URLs in SMS. You can also do Voice Broadcasting with Personalization and Voice Broadcasting with Ringless Voicemail

Search Engine Optimization SEO Services

Edigitech is a reputable provider of paid SEO services that can significantly enhance your online presence and help you achieve better search engine rankings. With a team of experienced professionals and a proven track record, Edigitech offers a range of tailored SEO solutions designed to meet your specific business goals and industry requirements. Edigitech's paid SEO services offer a strategic and results-driven approach to improving your online visibility and search engine rankings. By combining their expertise with a tailored strategy, they help your business attract more organic traffic, increase leads, and ultimately achieve your digital marketing goals. When considering their services, it's recommended to reach out for a consultation to discuss your specific needs and explore how Edigitech can contribute to your online success. For more details Click here - Search Engine Optimization SEO Services

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Official Business Messaging API, Business Whatsapp API Service, Bulk SMS, Bulk Voice Call, Social Media Handling, Marketing & Management, Facebook & Instagram Paid Advertisment Management & Handling , Customer Engagement

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No setup costs | No license costs | Minimum monthly costs | FREE API Integration Code | White Labelled Panel for Resellers

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If you have any question, our expert customer support team will help you either by phone, email or instant Whatsapp Messages. The Digital Marketing Solutions that we provide are used in a number of ways to drive new business models and provide corporate solutions. We aim to use the evolving technologies as much as possible and to formulate realistic solutions for the business needs of our clients. Most of our solutions are developed in-house, or with third party system integration. Contact us on +91-9673 400 428 via Call / Click to Chat on WhatsApp or Email us at

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